Voyage to the land of Long Cloud

Kia Ora, guess where I am this week- Aoteroa. I felt I need to get away Gold Coast for a while and visit my friend Kyra in south islands of New Zealand. I arrive at the sheltered city, Christchurch. The city was devastated by earthquake in 2009 and hit badly in 2011 again. It was six years ago last time when I was in south island. I could still recall the fame of “garden city” and “the most beautiful city” in New Zealand, I was sceptical prior came here and my own perception flipped when the plane flew over the Mt Cook range. My heart melted instantly and since then I fall in love with this lovely country.

I knew Kyra was waiting me at the airport when I landed. What I did not know was she booked a limousine. Are you kidding me, girl? There was this dress-up middle aged driver(more like a chauffeur) greeted me with my name on the whiteboard and I learnt he is from this limos company( He escorted me into this white stretch limo as Kyra was in the vehicle already.  I was in tears when I saw her and we headed to the city for a tour. Unfortunately a lot of roads were diverted and under maintenance even these days. Somehow I felt sad and apathetic for Christchurch residents. It made me realised there are so many things and variables in our lives we have no control with. I guess I need to put my best feet forward and make most of it my day. “Make it count”

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The review of “The Ultimate Sales Machine” by Chet Holmes

Today was a great day, I finished reading the GREATEST book of sales on iBooks, at least I think it is so magnificent that is a must have tool for any personnels who is work is primarily involves with sales, marketing and management.

“The Ultimate Sales Machine” written by the legendary sales guru- Chet Holmes. I knew a little things about him before I read this book, so I did a Google search on this guy, soon found out he passed away in 2012 with leukaemia and praised over by business individuals around the world.

I am compelled to give credits to his works on this book and he got proven history to be consulting successfully with top 60 of the Furtune 500 companies. As I dig deeper who he is, the more astonishing he shocks me. It just a tip of an iceberg, he broke every sales records of human history and I learnt few insights.

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Pathway of life

I was having a catch up drink with my friend Karlos after work on Friday, it’s been a while since we saw each other coz I was suppose to catch up with him over last weekend but he was burnt out with some issues in his life.

I wanted to support my friend and invited him for a around of drinks last night. After few drinks down and he started to loosen it up and open up what is going through in his career. It was amazing that he worked at a rental car company for 10 years since he came out of the school where he could attend college but he turned it down because he love interacting with people and have great interpersonal skills. He started as an internship guy and gradually moved up to the branch manager while he has been developing a side project that involved  software development that utilised in their car booking system. I was curious about why somebody would even bother do such things, he turned around and said it will help the company to grow.

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errr, it’s time to knock those bastards off

3rd molars

Recently, there is something really bugging me, yea, it’s the big molars guys sitting behind my 2nd molars. It is commonly known as “Wisdom teeth” or 3rd molars, they start to erupt at the age of 17 and stop around around 22.  In dental terms we call them permanent dentition. These teeth are sitting the most posterior position and they can have a huge impact on your dental arch as they start to migrate. Most of people would have wisdom teeth in their lives and some of others may never encounters this 3rd molars. In some special cases from my clinical experience I saw individuals with more than four “3rd molars” and the wisdom teeth are not visible due to impaction. Okay, enough of technical facts of wisdom teeth, the bottom line is they are practically doing nothing just sitting there, in my case they are doing more harms to my health. It annoys me so much up to a point that I can not even sleep in the middle of night.

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Welcome to my new blog!

Hello, boys, girls and everyone on WordPress. I am new to this blog stuff and I am here to officially give everyone who step into this place a warm welcome to my blog casey camilleri.  You will find some cool stories about my life and discover the snapshot of it in my bio.

hmm, Where should I start my quo and you probably wondering this as well

Okaydokey, Casey was a Dental Technician(for the record, I have been asked so many times if I was a dentist when I told them I was actually a dental technician. Dentist aka=dental surgeon, they operates on clinical side of the dentistry and carry out surgical stuffs, like drilling, extraction and anything that associated with surgical procedures versus dental technician, take care the technical aspect of dentistry that construct dental appliances, dentures, mouth guards, orthodontics appliances, partial dentures or implants, ceramics teeth even artificial eyeballs and ears, wee cooler and appealing than dentist aha)

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